Aircraft Engines

Aircraft Engines

Right from high oil consumption to low compression and/ or Engine TBO Life and/ or internal Life Limited Components (LLCs) of the engine finishing its cycles may point to need for engine overhaul/ exchange. As a part of our comprehensive aircraft support services, we offer quality-oriented engine overhaul and exchange service to our customers, solely from manufacturer´s approved/ authorized service destinations or OEM workshops.

We are committed to absolute reliability and quality. We truly value your association with us and uphold your interest above all. Translating what we say into what we do, our engine overhaul and exchange service come with airworthiness tags, such as FAA 8130-3, EASA Form 1, OEM Certificate of Conformance, and other documents showing engine and LLCs traceable back to birth. The overhauled engines we supply will come along with the "0 TSO" standard accessories in installed condition. Under the Exchange program, we also conduct pre-purchase inspection of your core engine right on wings and its documents to give you an acceptance of the core engine right at your door-step.

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It is well known that Indian aviation industry is yet to become self reliant in the field of aircraft repair/ major maintenance/ overhaul, let alone manufacturing of aircraft spare parts. However, it is always advisable to get repairs/overhaul done from one of the authorized/ approved service centres only and use certified original/ authentic aircraft equipment stringently for the long life of your aircraft. So, when your engine starts demanding overhaul, we fill in as your trustworthy service provider who rigidly satisfies all the pre-requisites for an ideal engine overhaul and exchange deal.

Our aircraft engine overhaul and exchange service features:

Use of genuine OEM spare parts for replacements;

Conformity/Compliance with manufacturer recommended/mandatory service bulletins, Modifications and airworthiness directives;

Inspection, reconditioning and assembling etc., all accomplished at manufacturer´s/ OEM´s own or authorized service centre, at the hands of experienced and skilled technicians;

Faster Turn-Around-Time to ensure lesser grounding period of aircraft.

Complete cover of warranty on replaced parts and services, as per applicability.

Being a professional aviation enterprise, we are positive in our services

So, any day your aircraft engine needs help; contact us for reliable and prompt overhaul or exchange !'